There is an enormous amount of imaging data available for spine surgeons to take care of patients.  The problem is we don’t really have an effective way to analyze this data and transform it into useful information for the surgeon to utilize to plan and perform spinal surgery.

CARLSMED is focused on building a platform that allows surgeons to harness this data to design patient-specific, and surgical plan-specific, cages and instrumentation plans using software algorithms.

CARLSMED's goal is to bridge the gap that exists between the data that is available to surgeons and the surgical plan.  This will empower surgeons to optimize patient outcomes by knowing ahead of time the exact cage design and instrument plan for each patient.

Our platform will be utilized in a number of ways.  We can build patient-specific and plan-specific cages as well as instrumentation plans.  Surgeons can utilize these cage implants for their cases.  Surgeons can have an optimal screw size and trajectory already determined prior to heading into the OR.  Implant companies can refine their supply chain to effectively and efficiently provide the needed implants based on that specific patient.

This platform can be utilized as an information database for surgeons using traditional surgical techniques at a minimum.  The platform will also be complementary and compatible with current surgical navigation software as well as spinal robot software such that the surgeon’s operative plan can be directly utilized within the surgical robot workflow.