Carlsmed uses patient data and digital technologies to create optimal surgical plans and personalized aprevo® spine fusion devices for each patient.

Corra App
Corra App
Corra Anterior implant

aprevo® is available for anterior, lateral and transforaminal surgical approaches

Corra App
Corra Anterior Implant


Carlsmed provides a comprehensive Digital Solution for surgeons to inform, engage, and empower patients in the pre-operative decision-making process.

This helps surgeons and patients achieve aligned expectations for the anticipated benefits of surgery contributing to long term patient satisfaction.

By addressing the pathology and matching the anatomy of each individual patient, aprevo® may reduce complications, improve outcomes and lower the cost of care.

Improved outcomes lead to Increased patient satisfaction.

Platform process
Platform process


Our patient-specific model optimizes treatment by focusing on the needs of each patient, rather than the possible needs of all patients.

This approach addresses the desire of surgeons to provide personalized care to their patients and supports the value-based strategies of hospitals.

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