Carlsmed leverages AI and predictive analytics to transform the surgical planning process from traditional 2-D methods to 3-dimensional patient-specific models.

Carlsmed’s aprevo System provides personalized correction through analytics using proprietary planning tools and personalized implants based on the patient’s pathology. aprevo was developed to help surgeons more reliably achieve the desired correction during surgery, which has been proven to reduce complications and improve outcomes.

Devices are not FDA cleared and are not available for commercial use in the US.

Devices are not FDA cleared and are not available for commercial use in the US.

Corra App
Corra App
Corra Anterior implant
Above: aprevo App
Left: aprevo Anterior implant
Corra App
Corra Anterior Implant


The aprevo system provides a comprehensive cloud and mobile communication vehicle for surgeons to inform, engage and empower patients in the pre-operative decision making process.

This helps surgeons and patients achieve aligned expectations for the anticipated benefits of surgery contributing to long term patient satisfaction.

By addressing the pathology and matching the anatomy of each individual patient, aprevo eliminates the time consuming trial and error fit process required with conventional implant systems.

Shorter operating times have been proven to reduce hospital length of stay and decrease reoperation rates.3

Platform process
Platform process


Our patient-specific model optimizes inventory by focusing on the implant needs for each patient, rather than the possible needs of all patients.

This approach addresses both the value-based strategies of hospitals and the needs of surgeons to provide optimal personalized care to their patients.

Through our innovative workflow and 3D titanium printing technologies, Carlsmed can deliver patient-specific devices to the operating room within two weeks from surgeon approval of the plan, enabling patients to undergo life changing surgery with minimal delay and look towards a life with improved function and decreased pain.

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