Why aprevo®?

For patients that require surgery to address their spine pain and alignment, it is important to consider long term outcomes and personalized care. Carlsmed® has developed a breakthrough technology that is personalized to your spine and your unique needs. aprevo® uses advanced algorithms and state of the art 3D modeling to develop individualized surgical plans and devices to help you Get Your Power Back. With personalized aprevo®, this could be the last spine surgery you will ever need.

aprevo® is all about you

aprevo® is designed to match every aspect of your spine and gives your surgeon a personalized plan based on your unique situation and the interbody fusion implants to match that plan. Each implant is designed to support your spine in the planned alignment and provide improved load distribution to protect your spine during healing.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Carlsmed® provides a comprehensive Digital Solution for surgeons to inform, engage, and empower patients in the pre-operative decision-making process. This helps surgeons and patients achieve aligned expectations for the anticipated benefits of surgery contributing to long-term patient satisfaction.

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